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Amplified Parts
Whether you are a seasoned musician or a novice, there goal is to help you find the products you need to customize your musical sound and your equipment.
• Parts for your guitar, bass, and amps. Parts for your amp, like tubes and speakers, books to read, tools, accessories and just a whole lot more!
AMZ is a resource with information about guitar effects pedals, stompboxes, audio circuits and tips on how to build them. There are fuzzbox schematics, signal booster projects, audio mixers and much more available free.
Apocalypse Audio
Apocalypse Audio, your haven for DIY guitar effects!!
Banzai Music
Over 16,000 products ship to you from our Berlin, Germany based warehouse. A vast assortment for your music related needs!
• Banzai Music GmbH, Schwedenstr. 9, 13359 Berlin Germany
Beavis Audio Research
Run by Dano and Chris, Dano started this site in 2005 as a hobbyist to share information on DIY guitar electronics. Along the way, Beavis evolved into a small company striving to forward the DIY ethic and provide resources, tools, kits and products.
A full line of DIY guitar effects kits that are based on some of the most famous circuits ever conceived! The step by step instructions make the effect pedals extremely simple to complete.
• Top shelf components are used.
• Circuit boards made ready-to-solder and enclosures are pre-drilled.
CE Distribution
Effects parts, pedal kits, enclosures, jacks, reverb tanks and a lot more of all sorts of electrical and nice effect building parts.
• Located in Tempe, AZ
CMAT Modifications
These are modifications to your existing pedal and your pedal will need to be shipped to CMAT.
Design 29
For custom guitar pedal enclosures they focus on bringing out the natural beauty in the materials they work with. You never know what they'll come up with next, but chances are it involves a blowtorch!
• Located in Bluefield, WV
Digikey Corp.
Digi-Key Corporation is one of the fastest-growing electronic component distributors in the World. The stimulus for this growth is Digi-Key's customer-centered business philosophy. Simply stated, we provide the customer with the absolute best service possible.
DIY Stomp Boxes
So you want to build effect pedals? This web site is loaded with tons of information regarding building stompboxes!
Doctor Tweek
Parts for the DIY Electronics Project Builder; some hard to locate, others are just a good deal.
• The place in the UK for DIY pedal parts & components for your guitar effects building.
Effects Connection
Parts, parts and more parts for all your effect pedal building. From switches and jacks to capacitors and resistors this place seems to have it all!
The Electronic Goldmine
Super great for buying big lots of electrical items! They specialize in purchasing inventory lots directly from manufacturers and companies that build electronic equipment. We also have sources that offer us unique and custom parts that you will not find anywhere else.
• Minimum order is $10.00 of merchandise (excluding shipping costs).
Erikís Corner
A collection of Guitars, Music, DIY Effects, Pedal Mods and a few of Erikís interests and projects that he has done.
The Free Information Society
Electronic circuit schematics for guitar effects and lots more!
• Over 690 schematics to build.
Haven for free exchange of diy guitar electronics.
• A large forum with lots of members all into DIY effect projects.
The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. The largest range of electronic components at the best prices.
• PCB Manufacturing Service and a large stockist and supplier of electronic components throughout the world.
Fuzz Box World
The company is dedicated to bringing the highest quality components to builders of guitar and bass effects.
• Kits and parts and some real crazy cool features like the "Electric Cigar Box Guitar" with "Cigar Box Amp".
Fuzz Central
This website is open to the growing DIY guitar effects community and is focused mainly on Fuzz pedals... which are considered by most to be the original effects pedals.
• Electronic schematics and PCBs for guitar effects!
General Guitar Gadgets
Featuring monthly specials and a e-Newsletter sending you the latest updates this web site is 2 thumbs up for DIY stompbox builders!
• Feature projects, kits and ready-to-solder PCBs.
• Easy to understand instructions and schematics to follow.
The guitar effects oriented web page. This is one of the best places to pick up lots of info on tons of effect builts.
Greene Pedals
Full projects but of just two fuzz pedals.
Guitar Electronics
The world's Online resource for guitar & bass parts, wiring diagrams and lots more!
• Mini Switches, Wire, Shielding & Solder Supplies, Input & Output Jacks...
Guitar FX Layouts
Layouts, wiring diagrams and lots more!
Guitar Tone
Love your expensive Boutique guitar pedals but not the price? Learn how to get the SAME tones for much less money by learning how to modify or build your own effect pedals!
• Lots of cool projects to build for beginner to advanced.
Hammer Ampage.org
Pedal reviews and effect schematics.
Hosfelt Electronics, Inc.
Shop Factory with lots of new items.
• Minimum order is $15.00
• Steubenville, Ohio
HomeBrew Tweaks
Tweakin' fun with home-built guitars, guitar amps, pedals, cabinets.
Jameco Electronics
Jameco has been in business for over 35 years and carries over 50,000 semiconductors, passives, interconnects, electromechanical, power supplies, LEDs and other popular electronic components.
John's Obsessions
This section entitled hacks includes links to some MIDI and guitar effect schematics.
• John's personal web site.
La Revolution Deux
Here you will find all the info on various DIY FX builds. Everything from a humble tubescreamer to the Holiest KLON.
• Looking for schematics this site has a ton of them.
Mouser Electronics, Inc.
Schematic designs for this site where made using Windraft from Ivex Design International.
• Burnaby, B.C., Canada
Mod Amp Kits
Guitar Amp Kit - 60 Watts of tube power using either 6L6 tubes or EL34 tubes, choose from 32 different variations of the circuit to suit your tonal preferences.
• Amp conversion kits - With easy to follow instructions.
• The Rattler effects pedal kit.
Mouser Electronics, Inc.
Electronic component distributor, focused on the rapid introduction of new products and technologies to electronic design engineers. Mouser.com features over a million products online from more than 390 manufacturers. Mouserís 2,128+ page catalog is published every 90 days, providing designers with up-to-date data on the components now available.
Officially Licensed Circuits
Kits include 3PDT stomp switch, MXRô-style aluminum enclosure, jacks, battery snap, DC jack, potentiometers, knobs and all ICs (including sockets), trimpots, resistors, capacitors, 24-gauge stranded wire, and diodes.
• You can also order the kits pre-built.
Ohmite Manufacturing Company has been a leading provider of resistors for high current, high voltage and high energy applications for over 80 years.
• FREE Sample Request Form! Request a product sample online.
Pedal Parts Plus, Inc.
Offering screen printing!!! There is an initial set-up fee of $150.00. This price includes the screen which will be made from your artwork. They also offer custom drilling, custom painting and custom screen printing!
• Lots of parts for building pedals.
Plate to Plate
Information about moding and building music related hardware.
• Schematics of classic effects and amps
Rapid carries electronic components, cables & connectors, tools and products for education.
• Rapid Electronics Limited, Severalls Lane, Colchester, Essex C04 5JS United Kingdom.
Run Off Groove
Articles & Schematics with circuit-specific information, Sounds mp3 clips of DIY circuits, Online Store with official merchandise and more.
• More then just pedals.
Here are some effects for guitar, bass and related instruments. There are commercial and "home-brewed" or modifyed commercial effects. The schematics are drawn in Electronics Workbench and appear as gif images.
Schematic Heaven
Effects heaven, this site has a ton of schematics to build all types of guitar and bass effects and it is very well laid out all on one page!
The musicians DIY electronics source for free.
• You can order some things that are described in the projects they have on their site.
Small Bear Electronics
Here you'll find ideas for building stompboxes and other gadgets, and articles on DIY methods and techniques. They also carry lots of parts and materials, many scarce or unusual and some custom-made for them.
• Germanium transistors paired and matched!
Solid State Guitar Amp Forum
Whether it's a problem with your DIY box, or an old goodie, you can share in here! DIY methods and techniques.
• Schematics for amps, preamps and stompboxes.
Texas Blood
Stevie Ray Vaughan is still cool! This site tries to reach his El Mocambo Live Sound.
• Amp, pedals and wah.
Tone Clone Pedals
Tone Clone Pedals is a do it yourself pedal shop offering some of the most popular circuits and pedal builds. They provide a complete facility for the creation of DIY effects, PCB boards, custom PCB layouts, accessories for the building process, pre-drilled enclosures, blank enclosures and more.
• At this time they offer five pedal kits.
Tonepad is dedicated to providing ready-to-use layouts for effects and amplifier projects to the do-it-yourself music community.
• All layouts are provided free of charge.
Triode Store
Electron Tubes, Tube Amplifier Parts and a complete kit for a Germanium Transistor Booster Pedal. The kit comes with a NOS Mullard OC71 PNP Transistor, PCB Board w/parts, Jacks, Potentiometer, Knob, Enclosure, Hookup wire, and a high quality 3PDT stomp switch.
• DIY Stompbox parts and projects.
A fine collection of PTP layouts for some fine fuzz and effect pedals.
• Also selling PCBs.
Viva Analog
Analog Circuit Design and Modeling.
• Vacuum Tube Ckts /// Guitar-Bass Effects /// DIY pages.
WATTS TUBE AUDIO supplies custom and reproduction tube amplifier circuit boards.
• We also offer amplifier building parts including wire, sockets, jacks, switches, Indicator lights, chassis, hardware, potentiometers, knobs, capacitors, resistors, diodes & complete amplifier kits.
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